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What market says about the exciting flavor of Fanta

Coca-Cola Deutschland, under the direction of German industrialist Max Keith, developed the Fanta brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks. Around the world, there are over 150 different flavours. Due to Nazi Germany's American trade embargo, which limited the supply of Coca-Cola components, Fanta was created in 1940 as a Coca-Cola alternative in Germany. With three million cans sold in 1943, Fanta quickly took over the German market. In 1955, Italy came up with the present Fanta formula.

In the United States, Fanta uses The Fantanas, a group of young female models who each promote a different Fanta flavour. Coca-Cola teamed up with the advertising agency Ogilvy (NYC) in 2001 to reintroduce Fanta in the United States. Andrea Scaglione, Andrew Ladden, and Bill Davaris of Ogilvy conceived the tagline "Wanta Fanta!" after a brainstorming session, which became the Fantanas' broadcast jingle. The campaign ran from mid-2001 to October 1, 2006, and was based on a successful trial run. Fanta reintroduced the campaign three years later, in June 2009.

Fanta Grape is a tasty soft drink with a grape flavour. Fanta Grape is a popular flavour in the world of Fanta.

It's available for a fair price practically anywhere.
Purple fans will love Fanta Grape! Fanta Grape is absolute delight with its crisp, sweet, and refreshing taste. This flavour will appeal to those who enjoy the silky texture of Fanta. There should be a warning label on this dish because it is so good!