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Coca Cola Orange Vanilla

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Coca-Cola has announced the release of its first new flavor in 12 year's time--Orange Vanilla. The previous flavor was Vanilla Coke Zero in 2007. According to the company, it comes in both a regular and Zero Sugar variant. While raspberry and ginger flavors were also being considered, Orange Vanilla was the most popular flavor. They will be available in 20-ounce and 12-ounce cans once they go on sale nationwide on February 25, according to the company.

Kate Carpenter, brand director for Coca-Cola stated that she wanted to bring back happy memories of summer fun. "That's why, we lean into the orange-vanilla flavor combo -- which is reminiscent the creamy orange popsicles that we grew up loving but in a classic Coke way."

We were able to try Orange Vanilla Coke for the first time, even though it won't be on sale for two more weeks. Unsurprisingly, regular Orange Vanilla Coke tastes very similar to a Creamsicle. Vanilla flavor gives the Coke formula a little more body and sweetness than the regular. Orange adds a touch of acidity. Vanilla Coke fans will likely enjoy it. Our other editor tried both Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar and regular Coke Zero Sugar. He found the Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar to be more orange-based, while the Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar was more vanilla. He said that both tasted a little like orange sherbet in a Coke float. Another editor also agreed that the Coke Zero Sugar [Orange Vanilla] didn't contain any orange.