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Vernors Ginger Soda Diet

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Vernors Zero Sugar Ginger Soda is the original ginger soda that is perfectly balanced and effervescent, with a ginger flavour unlike any other. It's caffeine-free and can be sipped whenever the mood strikes you. It's known for having more of a bite than regular ginger ale. Vernors Zero Sugar Ginger Soda is even better because it contains no calories and no sugar. The earliest soda in the United States was invented in 1866 by a pharmacist in Detroit, Michigan. Vernors Ginger Soda is still popular in its native state and throughout the United States. Ask any proud Michigander about their Vernors Zero Sugar Gingers Soda, and they'll tell you all about it. However, you could hear people refer to it as 'pop.' For the ultimate Michigan Vernors experience, order a Boston Cooler (named after a street in Detroit, not the city) with a scoop of ice cream. For an extra kick, add a shot of vodka to make a drunken variation of the original.

BOLD GINGER: Vernors Zero Sugar Ginger Soda has a distinct flavour that we term ginger soda. It's in between ginger ale and ginger beer.
SUGAR-FREE & CAFFEINE: Vernors Ginger Soda has a powerful and distinct flavour that is free of caffeine, calories, and sugar.
AWESOME GIFT: For a truly unusual flavour experience, try Vernors in a Boston Cooler, which is essentially a Vernors float.
ESTABLISHED IN 1866: Since 1871, Vernors Ginger Soda has been a Michigan and national favourite.
THE ORIGINAL GINGER SODA: The United States' oldest continuously sold soda drink.